Build and strengthen customer loyalty by improving and streamlining operational tasks.

We live in an age where customers are more empowered than ever. Technology has given customers the power to compare suppliers and scrutinise offerings, which has stimulated intense competition and price wars. No longer can business owners rely solely on good service to retain customers. Customers expect value with each interaction, and each customer is unique in terms of what they value the most when concluding business with suppliers. Growing and maintaining customer loyalty has become an essential component in developing a sustainable business, and employees need the right tools to understand the customer and develop value-added products or services tailored to their needs. Business owners will agree that acquiring new customers is important to grow the business, but maximising customer relationships is just as crucial to ensure business stability and increase organisational wealth.

Do you need to build customer loyalty within your organisation?


Using an integrated system allows for customer data to be continuously updated for accurate customer feedback and communication. This is crucial to grow a business, as customers will become more loyal – resulting in repeat purchases and higher profit margins.

System integration is key for businesses to foster lasting relationships with customers.

SAP Business One is a powerful, integrated business management solution that has been specifically created to address the needs of small and medium businesses. It expertly stores and collates data from each department, and makes it accessible to each employee. SAP Business One empowers your employees to handle customer queries first-time around by giving them access to detailed customer information at the touch of a button. An integrated business management system provides the tools to help you efficiently manage the entire sales process and customer lifecycle – from initial contact to final sale, to after-sales service and support. With SAP Business One, you can turn prospects into customers, increase sales and profitability, and improve customer satisfaction.

Do you need to build customer loyalty within your organisation?


“We are able to track our product movement, see where the gaps are and address those. I’m happy that my consumers have their product when they need to have it.”

Wairimu Kimani – Marketing Manager for Kenya Nut


Key benefits of SAP Business One:

  • Store all customer data in a centralised location, giving employees easy access to handle support and customer queries first-time.
  • Warranty and service contracts can be efficiently handled, as employees are able to access the paperwork on a central-location. Technicians are able to see the scope that the warranty and service contracts cover at the click of a button.
  • Sales employees are able to see each client’s historic transactions and purchases, and can create tailored promotions or discounts to encourage repeat purchases. This is then loaded into one integrated system, which minimises inconsistencies as staff will have access to this information.
  • Sales employees are able to give clients more accurate delivery dates due to real-time insight into production timelines
  • Refunds can be swiftly and accurately paid out to clients
  • Sales employees are able to tell clients the real-time availability of goods based on real-time stock levels, both in store and in the warehouse.

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“SAP Business One is a very useful tool that stores the client’s information and governs the relationship with the client. We are able to communicate with our clients more directly and on a more sincere basis.”

Villiers van Veen – Chief Financial Officer for SSK


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