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The African transport and logistics industry is an ever-changing environment characterised by cost pressures, new players, advancing globalisation, increasing regulations and swift digital transformation. Globally, companies are achieving international growth through acquisitions, joint ventures and alliances, which is reshaping the transport and logistics industry. The emergence of a global village has also lead to a decline in trade barriers, which has enabled many new competitors to join the same route.

Africa, in particular, is one of the most complex business environments to operate in. There is a wide range of factors for transport and logistics that need constant attention and need constant monitoring to ensure compliance, adhere to safety guidelines and maintain a competitive edge.

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Some of the challenges that transportation companies have to face include, among others:

  • Utilisation: Getting the most value out of each kilometer.
  • Compliance: Keeping abreast of industry rules and requirements.
  • Paperwork Handling: Paper-based methods of invoicing, maintenance management and inventory tracking.
  • Multiple systems: Running multiple, non-integrated systems.
  • Customer/Driver communications and asset monitoring: Manually calling drivers for updates, ETA’s and delivery progress.
  • Tracking: Manual inventory management and tracking numerous shipments.
  • Communication: Lack of central communication platform for employees, suppliers and customers.

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Introducing transportation management with SAP Business One

The SAP Business One Transport solution gives you the power to:

  • Gain better insight and control over vehicle maintenance through integrated technology
  • Increase profitability through accurate costing and improved processes
  • Manage compliance with industry best-practices to improve fleet and employee safety
  • Better control and manage drivers with integrated driver management
  • Accurately track, cost and manage drivers, routed and loads in a single system
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The SAP Business One Transport solution is a cost-effective and integrated business management solution that integrates key business functionalities to streamline operations. It provides transportation businesses with a platform to improve the way business is run by providing end-to-end visibility into operations to effectively monitor costs and optimise asset utilisation. Centralised and integrated communication, as well as mobile tracking, improves customer satisfaction to ensure customer demand is met. Maintenance management tasks are fully automated and reminders are set to ensure compliance.